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Vehicle Maintenance Guide | Vehicle Maintenance Tips in Winter, Summer

Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Your vehicle should be  well maintained.For some vehicles breaks will be loosen and tires will be wormed and the people drive like that itself.But it is very dangerous to drive like that and it is also very easy  to repair those problems.Regular maintenance of the vehicle will increase its life.

If your vehicle breaks suddenly stops functioning on the roads then please follow the below points:-

1) The first thing to be done is turn on the emergency lights.

2) Park your vehicle aside so that it can be seen in all directions.

3) You should park your vehicle off the road.

In many accidents occurred they are people who have been saved for keeping their  seat belts and they are many people who died without keeping their seat belts.So please take care and make sure of keeping the belt not only for you but also for the people sitting beside you.

Let us see some of the seat belt facts:-

1) A law also states to wear your seat belts.

2) More than 40 people could be saved per year if the back seat rating matches the front seat rating.

3) Almost 20 people are being died due to not keeping belts.

4) Around 2000 lives have been saved in the year 2002 for keeping safety belts.

5) If a crash occurs at the rate 30mph you will be thrown away 60 times away if you do not wear seat belt.

If you feel tired please take a break and then drive again.Drivers who are tired or sleepy will be considered as drunker by the court if accident occurs.

Safe Driving Tips | Safe Driving | Drivers Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips for Night Driving:

The road accidents mostly occur in the night time rather than in the day time.When you drive a vehicle in the night time then maintain wide spaces between you and other vehicles.You should maintain wide spaces especially when you are in a bad whether conditions.

You need to observe one thing that night time driving is really risky.Even if you have headlights it is very difficult to observe the pedestrians and bicyclists.It is much better to use the headlights between sunset and sunrise.

Defensive Driving Tips for Driving In Bad Wheather:

If your vehicle is equipped with smoke or fog then turn on your fog lights.You should be in a situation to stop the vehicle suddenly if the smoke and fog increases  and when you cannot see anything on the road.After you stop the car then please turn on the emergency lights so that the other vehicle will know that you have stopped the car.

Defensive Driving Tips for Driving in Rain:

When rain persists it becomes very difficult to drive a car as the road becomes slippery.If that is a heavy rain then it becomes more problem and the tyres of the car get spoiled.To avoid that slow down you car.

Defensive Driving Tips for Driving in Snow and Ice:

In presence of snow and ice one important thing that to be in controll is the controlled slide.Once your car begins it then follow the below points:-

1) The frist thing you need to do is taking your feet from the pedal of the accelerator.

2) Avoid using breaks and if you have anti lock breaks apply them.

3) To straighten the vehicle steel the vehicle into the direction of the skid.

4) Lastly steer the vehicle in the direction you wish to go.

Defensive Driving Tips Texas | Tips on Defensive Driving for New Drivers

Defensive Driving Tips Texas:

Defensive driving is a chain of techniques that used for driving and by following the defensive driving tips helps the drivers in reaching your destination safely. New drivers, teen drivers should must and stood follow the defensive driving tips Texas.

Expert drivers need to take care about avoiding accidents and they should also follow the traffic rules and defensive driving tips strictly.

To avoid accidents we need to perform the following defensive driving steps and:-

1) When collision occurs be prepared to stop the vehicle suddenly.

2) You should think ahead whether they are some people who are playing around

3) At intersections please take extra care.

When you go in your own way then it is very difficult for the other driver to understand. So you need to tell them by giving signal and it should be stopped after changing the lanes. Please use signals while changing the lanes.

Most of the accidents are caused when you follow the vehicle very closely. If you drive the vehicle on normal whether conditions and normal road your vehicle should be at least 2sec away from another vehicle.

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