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Winter Driving Tips | Winter Safety Tips | Driving Safety Tips

Tips for Driving in Snow:

If you can avoid driving in snow please avoid it, the best advice is not to drive at all in bad winter season. If it is compulsory make sure whether the car is in good condition and you know how to handle the road conditions in the heavy snow.

Now let us see some of the tips to drive safely on icy roads or driving safety tips in winter:-

1.Just go slowly and leave a plenty of space to stop. You must leave at least 5-6 times much larger space than you normally leave from one car to another.

2.Even in the morning time just switch on your lights so that the other can see you properly.

3.Gently apply your breaks. Ease off the break if your wheels start up to lock.

4.Your windshield and lights must be clean.

5.Especially on high hills use low gears to keep traction.

6.Even four wheeler vehicles can encounter problems sometimes on winter. Don’t assume that your vehicle can handle all situations.

Driving Safety Tips in Snow if you’re Rear Wheels Skid:-

1.Take your foot off the accelerator.
2.Pump the standard breaks gently if u has.
3.Do not pump the breaks is you have anti lock brakes.
4.Steer in the direction you want the front wheels to go. If your rear wheels slide right go right and if they slide left steer left.

Driving Safety Tips in Snow if you’re Front Wheels Skid:-

1.Don’t try to steer immediately, take your foot off the gas and shift to neutral.
2.As the wheels skid sideways, they will slow the vehicle and traction will occur.

The above are some of the Driving Safety Tips in Snow that can be followed to drive safely in ice and to avoid accidents.


Driving Tips for Women | Driving Safety Tips for Women

Driving Tips for Women:

Especially for the women many it is a bit difficult to drive a vehicle alone these days. Police man, sexual predators and many others become a additional hazard for the woman. These incidents are mainly occurring in the parking slots. Now let us see some of the steps for safe driving.

1) Whether it is in your house or not, park the vehicle in a safe place. Just avoid the place where you find some cars parked.

Lock your car.

2) Keep your keys safely. If you search for the keys in the handbag the criminal may get a extra chance and he may grab it. If the key has a programmed that it opens only the driver's door, do it. Be sure to lock your doors once stepped into the car.
3) Ask the local police authority if the police stops and asks you to pay fine before you doing wrong.

4) Just drive in a populated area rather going in a calm road.

5) It is better if you have a GPRS device in your car or just know the routes properly in which you have to go.

6) Let the car be well serviced otherwise it may let you down at any point or wrong place. The battery should be recharged; the tire should be filled with air.

7) Just be preplanned when an obstructers arises.

8) Always tell anyone and go out. This will help when you are in trouble.

DDS Practice Test | Georgia DDS Practice | DDS GA Practice Test

DDS Practice Test:

DDS practice test stands for Department of Driver Services Practice Test (DDS Practice Test). In Georgia before going for GA drivers license test people has to take Georgia rode rules general test and Georgia signals test. The new applicants has to take this course without any fail. Applicants after passing the Georgia rode rules general test and Georgia signals test successfully only are eligible for Georgia drivers license application.

Applicants for the Georgia drivers license can test their knowledge using Department of Driver Services Test (DDS practice Test) which give an idea on how the questions will be.

The cost of DDS practice test (Department of Driver Services Practice Test) is $10.00. Georgia DDS will accepts the amount in cash, money orders and check.

The $10 paid for DDS practice test is not refundable once you fail your exam and for the next attempt of DDS practice test you have to pay another $10.00.

Source: DDS . Ga . Gov / Training / pt_intro

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